2016 Collectible Calendar

2016 Collectible Calendar

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By Joel Dortch


            We have had many requests to produce another calendar. Our first calendar was a huge success that covered December 2012 through February 2014, a 15 month calendar with photos of our Silver Screen Legend outfits one through fifteen. Our new calendar is for the 12 months of 2016 featuring Silver Screen Legend Colt firearms and Hollywood style double holster rigs for number 15 through 18 plus each of the great saddles we have offered through the years, including the current Early JW Saddle that will be given away at our annual FRIENDS OF HAPPY TRAILS BANQUET in May 2016.

Hard to believe but we are now well into the 18th year of our partnership with Colt on the Silver Screen Legend project that has raised more than two million dollars to benefit the abused children we serve!

 Joining Colt in this project that has become the foundation’s number one annual fundraiser are: Jim Lockwood, Jr. of Legends in Leather, Prescott, AZ. Jim is an outstanding holster maker specializing in deluxe Hollywood style rigs.  Jim came up with the original idea for this project and has created all the holster rigs; Conrad Anderson of Rocktree Ranch in Kingston, ID is a superb silversmith/engraver.  Conrad has created all the silver spots, buckles and decorations on all the holsters and silver mounted saddles we have offered through the years. He has also done all the engraving. Bob Leskovec of Precision Pro Grips in Gibsonia, PA has created the grips and David Warther II of Warther Carvings in Dover, Ohio has donated the pre-ban Elephant ivory for the grips. Mike Holloway; Mike Ekstrom; Charles Sauer; Ron Love; Ben Hansen; Rachel Wells; Dave Sample; Dave Mazy; Baron Technology; Eagle Grips; Jim Dorsey Photography; GLV Photography; Joel Dortch and Mojave Copy and Printing have all been involved in this project at one time or another in the past 18 years. I want to thank Colt and all these talented folks for the generous donation of their time, skill, craftsmanship and artistic ability. All of these wonderful people and companies are enduring examples of that very special American Spirit known as “The Cowboy Way.”

This was not an inexpensive calendar to produce so we are selling them for $10 each postpaid or two for $15. Additional copies are $5 each. Quantities are limited so place your order today along with your order for SILVER SCREEN LEGEND XVIII tickets.